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Remember that episode of courage the cowardly dog where a furry bunny runs away from abusive dog dude to be with her lesbian cat lover

because that is all you need to remember

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Title: UnknownRoyals
Artist: UnknownVitamin String Quartet
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Royals (Lorde Cover) - Vitamin String Quartet

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Hanni had a little lamb

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I just want a cute girl to call mine




Wow that episode was a


It really stirrups your emotions 

Okay listen here you lil fuckwit


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every time i see american horror story shortened as “ahs” i always read it as american high school

even scarier

oh shit i live by an american high school

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#I go to one


AU: Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak are two of the biggest movie stars on the planet and they’ve been secretly dating for the better part of two years. When Dean’s public girlfriend, upcoming indie actress Jo Harvelle, ‘breaks up’ with him to start dating Charlie Bradbury coincides with him landing the role of a lifetime opposite Cas, that whole “secretly dating” thing? Yeah, that’s shot to hell.

The kicker? There’s some leaked pictures of the two of them having sex on set, never-ending questions on the press tour for their movie and even with all of that, it’s an accidental slip-up during a panel with fans that kills them.

(Dean swears he didn’t mean to answer that girl’s question with “well when you’ve been with someone for as long as we have” but Cas is just glad he said it at all.)


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u know when u wake up and u can’t remember ANYTHING specific about a dream that u had but u just have this vague FEELING from that dream… that fucks me up

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mark, my words. *mark brings me my dictionary* thank you mark

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steven moffat is the writer of some of doctor who’s scariest monsters, for example the weeping angels, atrocious writing and misogyny

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